Hello, I’m Frances. I’m a junior machine learning researcher based in Zürich, Switzerland. I hope to use this place as a platform to expose some of my interests and ideas in the broad area of computer science and to track my projects and insights as they grow.

I am grateful for any interest and feedback!

Research and Coding

I like to learn, build and contribute! github.com/diskontinuum scholar.google


I have an amazing 9-year old daughter. She’s in love with every horse she knows and likes to hide and read for hours.

Climbing and Training

I’m infatuated with bouldering, both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors I prefer multi-pitches and during winter I sometimes ice climb. Let me know if you want to go bouldering in Switzerland (V6 level). Corona-Update: It’s been hard to motivate myself to train in isolation, so I made my April training plan publicly available.


I have a thing for complex, bizarre and intense music. Help me find new pieces or join me for concerts in the Zurich area if you share my obscure taste in music!


Books taught me to look carefully and to question everything. I regularly live through phases of intense reading. Starting soon: Tracking my reads.